A Must-Have Stain-Masking Fall Underpad

Fall is laden with pumpkin spiced everything, beautiful foliage, and plaid—lots and lots of plaid. So when it comes to choosing your go-to bed pad for this season, you’ll want to check out our plaid, reusable underpad.

The spread comes in five different sizes and it’ll stay nice and soft even after use and multiple washes. The plaid pattern makes it hard to detect any indiscretions so you really won’t mind this seasonal pad upon your bedding.

Something that’s special about this fall favorite is that it’s latex and laminated free which means that there will be no distracting noises while you adjust your sleeping posture. It also means that you can simple throw it in the wash frequently without having to worry about any coverings; the pad itself is reliably absorbent.

Not only is it leak-proof and stain concealing but it’s comfortable and that’s what matters. As long as you can feel comfortable on this 80% cotton, soft bed pad, you’ll sleep easy.