Choosing Incontinence Products; What are your options?

If you or a loved one has incontinence, it can be embarrassing to deal with. Incontinence is still something most people try to hide and not talk about. Education and awareness are key to get rid of the stigma associated with the condition. Fortunately, there are also products on the market that help you cope effectively with incontinence.

Determining Your Needs

When choosing a product one of the first things to consider is the severity of your incontinence. For some people, incontinence is a constant problem. But for others, it only occurs when they sneeze or laugh.

The volume of protection you need may determine what type of product you should consider. Absorbency often ranges from light protection to extra heavy. Some products are also specifically designed for overnight protection or fecal incontinence.

Your lifestyle also plays a role in which incontinence product you need. If you’re very physically active, you may want to consider certain products over others. Skin protection may also be an issue. People who are at risk for skin breakdown should consider moisture wicking features.

Finding the right product is essential to prevent skin irritation, discomfort and embarrassment. The right incontinence product can also boost your confidence, so you can do all the things you love without worrying about accidents.

Options to Consider

You have several different products to choose from to meet your needs. Many products available are reusable while others offered are disposable. Disposable are convenient since they do not have to be washed. But they also tend to be more expensive over the long run.

Reusable products tend to be more environmentally friendly since they do not fill up landfills. They are also less expensive than disposables in the long-term.

Adult Diapers and Briefs: Adult diapers and briefs are designed for various levels of incontinence. Features may include leg cuffs and a waistband style with tabs. Many have cloth-like fabric for a more natural feel and discretion. Size selection is based on hip and waist measurements.

Protective Underwear

Protective underwear is a good option for people with incontinence, especially those who are active. Protective underwear pulls on like regular underwear. Although there are different brands and styles, most fit snugly at the waist and have breathable fabric. Some styles also offer tear-away sides for easy removal. Similar to briefs, size determination is based on waist and hip measurements.

Pads: Pads for incontinence are intended to be used with either disposable briefs for added protection or regular underwear. Pads are available for light to heavy absorbency and lock away moisture and odor.

Underpads: Underpads are used to protect furniture, wheelchairs and mattresses. Even if someone is wearing briefs or adult diapers, underpads provide a bit more protection for those who need heavy absorbency.