Four Incontinence Must Have Supplies

Incontinence is not something most people want to discuss. Although the condition is very common, it can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation. But if you or a loved one has incontinence, understanding what products you need can help you feel more confident and prevent leaks.

One of the main products you need is adult diapers or protective underwear. Adult diapers are available in different sizes and absorbency protection. Some styles are designed to fit like regular underwear with a waistband and leg cuffs.

But adult diapers are not the only must have incontinence supplies to consider. Depending on the situation and severity of incontinence, additional products can also be helpful.

Under Pads

Underpads are a good idea for some people with incontinence. They are pads that provide protection for mattresses, wheelchairs and furniture. Although briefs and adult diapers provide protection, underpads may be helpful overnight or for people who have limited mobility and can’t immediately remove soiled garments.

Skin Cleansers

Although you can clean the skin with regular soap and water, there are better alternatives. Skin cleansers, specially designed for people with incontinence are your best bet. Many people who suffer from incontinence may be older and have delicate skin. Regular cleaning products can be harsh and irritate fragile skin. Gentle wipes and sprays for incontinence are easy to use and both clean and condition the skin.

Barrier Product

Buying products designed for incontinence makes sense. A barrier skin cream or lotion provides protection between the skin and a pad, adult diaper or brief. Incontinence can cause skin breakdown especially in the elderly or those with limited mobility. Using products that wick moisture way and removing soiled garments as soon as possible can help. But skin may still become irritated. Incontinence barrier products create a clear barrier film over the skin that protects and soothes delicate skin. Barrier products for incontinence often contain ingredients, such as lanolin or zinc oxide.

Adult Brief Disposal System

Adult disposal systems help get rid of briefs, adults diapers and underpads in a clean manner. The pails provide a sanitary disposal system that is easy to use and prevents odor in the home. Although different brands are available, the idea is the same. Adult brief disposal pails are similar to systems designed for baby diapers, but with a few changes. For example, the opening to dispose of the briefs or diapers is larger to accommodate adult size products. Various size pails are available.