Specialized Odor Sprays Are Best for Incontinence

Malodors are a normal and expected effect of incontinence of any kind. Whether they are odorous clothing articles, bedding, or furniture, you’ll need something to take care of the scent. You may be tempted to reach for commercial air fresheners but those sprays will only mask the smell.

Your best bet is to use a specialized freshening spray. Instead of masking odors, the specialized spray neutralizes the odor molecules and leaves a light, fresh scent. You even have the option of simply eliminating the scent without any fragrance if you prefer unscented sprays.

Specialized scents come in different sizes, too. For example, if you want to keep one in your car at all times, opt for a discrete 2 oz. If you need one constantly for the home, purchase the 8 oz. If you want to carry one with you at all times, just in case, opt for a light, 1 oz spray.

The best practice is to eliminate the odors at the molecular level and not to simply mask them. Masking smells can create a complicated build-up over time that can be hard to get rid of. At times, you may not even detect any scents because you may be used to them but to stay safe, get into the practice of using these specialized scent sprays to maintain freshness.